Entertainment is on the decline, but if you look at the statistics you’ll find that it is happening slowly and steadily.

And the decline isn’t a result of the movies we watch or the shows we watch.

In fact, it’s a reflection of the way we’ve created entertainment.

That’s the key takeaway from our latest research.

To put it bluntly, it shows that the entertainment industry is going through a big change.

We’re talking about a lot of changes in how the entertainment business operates, and we’re seeing an increase in the use of streaming services and a decrease in the amount of movies and TV shows we’re watching.

Read on for more on what the future holds.

The big takeaway: the entertainment landscape has changed.

The numbers speak for themselves.

According to a report released by the Hollywood Reporter last year, the entertainment market is expected to see an additional $1.3 billion in revenue in 2020, compared to $1 billion in 2020.

It also predicts that the number of movies in theaters will grow from 5.7 billion to 7.1 billion.

The number of TV shows will also increase from 563 million to 6.4 billion.

There’s also a huge shift in how we consume content.

Streaming services are increasing the number and size of movies we can watch on one device, but decreasing the number, size and number of episodes that we can buy.

That trend is not going to change anytime soon.

The big question is: What will the entertainment world look like 10 years from now?

The entertainment landscape will be significantly different in 2023, and that change will be much more pronounced than it is now.

This change in the entertainment ecosystem will impact how people watch movies, how they consume content, and how we interact with one another.

Here are five ways in which this change is taking place.

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are the three biggest players in this transition.

Netflix has been steadily growing its streaming library and added new shows each week.

In the past few years, Netflix has added shows such as Orange is the New Black, Orange is The New Black: The Complete First Season, and Stranger Things.

And in 2017, it added a movie titled The Book of Eli.

The Netflix app has become a must-have for fans.

Hulu has become the go-to source for streaming content for a wide range of people, including millennials.

And Amazon, which has been at the center of the movie industry’s biggest changes, has been expanding its streaming offerings.

Hulu Now has added live TV and original shows to its catalog.

Amazon Prime Now, which launched in 2019, allows users to choose from a large range of streaming content and to add Amazon Prime members to their households.

Netflix also continues to be the most popular way to watch content online.

Netflix has become more than the sum of its streaming devices and the number-one source for people looking to watch Netflix-created content.

It’s a key part of our business.

It has the best content selection and delivery, and it offers a lot more flexibility for our customers.

Hulu is also moving in the right direction.

The company has expanded its video offering and is adding original shows and movies to its lineup.

Hulu’s latest service, Hulu Plus, is a huge part of the entertainment future for consumers.

But the streaming company is also expanding its video library to include more original content and movies.

Hulu will be launching its first original TV series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, in the second quarter of 2020.

Amazon is also working to increase its original TV offerings.

We are excited to have the ability to stream some of our favorite shows, including the new series The Good Wife, to our Prime members in the coming weeks.

Netflix is also a leader in content delivery networks (CDNs), which are companies that connect people to content that is delivered to their homes.

Netflix is the only company in the industry that can do this, and Netflix is making a concerted effort to make sure its content reaches as many people as possible.

For example, in May, Netflix introduced its streaming service that delivers its content directly to customers.

In 2019, Netflix began delivering original series and movies directly to users through its Prime service.

Amazon also recently announced a subscription service that will deliver some of its content to subscribers directly from the company’s Prime Video library.

In 2020, Amazon added a number of new original series to its Prime Video catalog.

These shows include the first two seasons of Amazon’s original series Amazon Prime Video.

In 2018, Netflix launched its own subscription service, the Prime Instant Video service, that it hopes will be a new model for consumers to watch and enjoy movies and other content.

Netflix’s new service, which will launch in 2021, will be similar to its streaming options, but it will offer access to movies and content via Amazon’s Prime Instant video service.

In 2020, Netflix and Hulu have added a new show called The Good Fight, a series that follows the adventures of an unlikely pair of heroes