We’ve all heard the words ‘entertaining’ before.

It’s the buzzword that seems to get people’s attention, and that has helped to turn mainstream entertainment into a business.

In the United States, this has meant movies, music, video games and more have all made the leap from ‘entitlement’ to ‘franchise’.

However, the world is slowly beginning to get over the ‘fantastic entertainment’ trope.

While we can’t change what people have been experiencing for so long, we can start to understand what they’re thinking.

In this episode of Recode’s new podcast, host Kara Swisher talks with The Future of Entertainment Podcast founder and editor-in-chief Mark Gurman about why they think we’re moving towards a more ‘ententertainments’ world.

In this episode: Kara Swish explains why she thinks we should celebrate and celebrate the entertainment we love – not the entertainment that we’re too scared to talk about.

Mark Gurman on why he thinks we’re in a better place to understand and understand the future of entertainment.

Why it’s so important to be able to tell stories.

Why people should embrace this new entertainment-driven world.

Why it’s important to have a place to live.

And more…

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When it comes to ‘entering the future’ of entertainment, Mark Gurmans opinion on ‘entrepreneurship’ is clear.

He argues that ‘entreprenurance’ and ‘entropreneurism’ are just the new normal.

Gurmans has a lot to say about what that means and why it’s such a big deal for the world.

Mark and Kara Swishers take a deep dive into how entertainment has evolved over the years.

This is a special episode to listen to.

This episode was recorded in November 2017 and was published on Recode.

This podcast is part of the Future of the Industry podcast.

Recode’s “future of the entertainment” podcast, hosted by Kara Swifish and co-host Chris Anderson, is all about how the entertainment industry is changing, and how it’s all about creating the right experiences.

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