Britney’s new album, I Kissed a Girl, dropped last week, and the pop diva has now been given a huge amount of publicity for her new single, “Call Me Baby”.

But her career is also taking a beating as she is facing accusations of sexual harassment from some of her fans.

The pop divas new album has been criticised for its lack of women and minority voices, but Britney has defended her record and is looking to expand her career in the wake of the allegations.

Britney Spears fans have started a petition calling on MTV to include women and minorities in the creative team, after she said that they were not needed.

But many fans say that the lack of diversity in the group is a huge problem for the new album.

They say that if they were given the chance to feature more women and ethnic minorities, they would do so.

The petition has been signed by over 2,500 fans and has so far attracted over 200,000 signatures.

Fans also want the pop star to be given more creative control over her music and show more support for LGBT and women’s issues.