JESSIE SMOLLET has spoken out about her love for music, revealing that she would like to make music in the future.

In an interview with the Sun newspaper, Smollets father John revealed he is “a bit of a fan” of pop, but would not make music himself.

“I’m a big fan of pop and everything, but I would love to make my own music, because I love making music,” he said.

“That’s why I love singing, it’s a lot of fun.”

When I get my chance to sing, I’ll do it.

I’m going to make a record or a song.

“He added: “I have two big songs in the bag, and that’s a pretty good start.

“In the interview, Smols brother John also revealed his love of music, saying he wants to be in the music business.”

She was in her mid 20s. “

She was a very big pop star, and she was in a band called The Smolts.”

She was in her mid 20s.

We used to get together and have fun, and we did all sorts of things.

“Now we do it on our own, and I think that’s what we should be doing.”‘

I have no idea what I’m doing’Mr Smolten also said he did not have a clue what he was doing next.

“No one does what I do, because it’s such a small world.

I don’t know what to do,” he explained.”

There’s no point in trying.

I think there are so many bands, there’s so many things you could do, but you can’t do it all.”

You could just sit down and make something, but then that’s all you could be.

“A big pop icon and record label boss, Smoliets first hit the charts in 1979, when she released her debut album ‘The Smolters’ under the name Jessie.

The songwriting duo later released her hit single ‘The Dream’ and hit the top of the UK singles charts in 1985, with sales of around 100,000.

After her first hit, Smolithes breakthrough hit ‘A Change of Heart’ hit number one in the UK in 1987, and was later released in America by Universal Records, a division of Warner Music.

In 1997, she won the World Songwriter Award, which recognises the best songwriter of a song.

She was nominated again for the award in 2003 and again in 2005.

In 2011, Smoltons husband, songwriter John Smolte, won the British Songwriting Award, in recognition of his songwriting achievements.

The Smoltts’ music career has been hugely successful, with a number of hits and singles including ‘The Love Song’ and ‘The Sky Is Blue’.

However, she has had to overcome a number and a half years of medical and mental health issues, including an overdose on cocaine and bipolar disorder.

In 2013, she said she would not be making any further public appearances.”

The thing that I don`t want to do is to take a step back and think, ‘Oh well, I guess I’m not going to do this anymore’,” she told The Sun.”

It’s just too much to contemplate.

I feel like there are a lot more things that I should be thinking about.

“Ms Smollete told the Sun that she does not want to be “a ghost” of her past.”

What I love about music is the idea that you can make something that you really love,” she said.