How to make kids like Hyde Park entertainmen, according to one expert article Hyde park, the UK’s biggest park, has long been popular with children.

It opened in 1897 and has since grown into one of the UKs most popular attractions, with around 2.3 million visitors a year.

But now, the park is facing a challenge as part of the government’s “National Parks and Nature” plan.

This includes a “national park” scheme, which will see around 20 million people visit the park every year, as well as the “super-size” plan, which includes the “hyde park”, which has about 20 million visitors every year. 

What can you do to make your kids like the Hyde parks entertainmen?


Get your kids active and enjoy their favourite sports. 

If you’re already a parent and don’t want to do the super-size exercise, consider making the park a regular day-long weekend, such as a weekend getaway or weekend getaways at a friend’s house.


Make the park more active and fun. 

Find out how to make it more fun, including how to get kids to join in with the activities, or how to give your kids something fun to do, such like play outside.


Get children to enjoy the park with you. 

This is particularly important for children who love going to the parks.

You might encourage your children to get on their bikes, get a jump on a float, or go to a park where they can swim. 

And if you have children who aren’t yet ready to take part in the parks activities, make it easier for them to learn how to take advantage of them by giving them a bit of extra time to explore the parks attractions and learn how the parks are all connected. 

Why does the government want to increase the number of visitors to parks? 

A government spokesperson told New Scientist that “hybrid parks” are a way to “help children who don’t get to go to the centre of the park enjoy it”. 

How can I help? 

There are a number of ways to help boost the number and enjoyment of parks and their attractions.

For more information, check out the “Super-Size” guide and “Super Size Guide” on the National Parks website. 

You can also try making the parks more interactive, like introducing the children to a playground or a new park-themed activity. 

How much is the super size park? 

Hyde Park is part of a “super” scale that also includes the Hyde Park Super-Size attraction, the “Hyde-R” park, and the Hyduen Park Super Size attraction.

The super-sized attractions are smaller than normal, with more than 3.5m (13 feet) of area.

The Hyde Park and Hyduens are both around 3.6m (14 feet) wide, and both offer “full-length” playgrounds with slides, a picnic table and a fountain. 

Do I need to get a licence to visit the parks?

The park and all of its attractions are subject to a compulsory licence, which can be purchased from the park at a charge of £25. 

The park is also part of National Parks Scotland, which is a Scottish government agency responsible for “protecting and promoting the interests of the Scottish and UK national parks, forests and wildlife”. 

What are the rules around park use? 

As part of its National Parks and Wildlife planning, the government has proposed changes to how the park and other parks are used.

These changes include the introduction of a national park scheme, in which people will be able to purchase a “permit” for their “super size” activities, and for the use of parks areas, such a picnic area. 

For more information about the “national parks” scheme and the “extensive” parks plans, check the National Park Scotland website.

The parks plans will also include changes to the “crown jewels” of Scotland’s parks, including the “saint’s” and “fairy-tale” sites. 

Will the parks stay the same as they are now? 

Currently, there is a long-term plan to extend the parks to cover Scotland’s entire coastline. 

 The Scottish government will publish a long term “landmark” plan for the national parks in 2018, with the ultimate aim of establishing a “world-class park” in the park system. 

Where can I find out more? 

To find out about park changes in the future, or to get involved in the planning process, contact the National parks Scotland office on 01702 817 544. 

Top image: The Hyde-Park Super-size attraction in HydePark.