Georgetown’s ‘Ikon Midnight’ Is One of the Best Summer Concerts This Year

The first half of 2018 has been a little disappointing for Georgetown.

They’re still very much a regional college, but the new president and her predecessor have been a lot more willing to embrace the arts and music in Washington.

So they’ve been very vocal about wanting to get back to the arts.

Their annual Art of Georgetown Day will take place on May 4, and they’ve announced a new series of concerts.

The festival, which has a lineup of some of the country’s top acts, is scheduled to take place May 7 at the historic Arch of the Capitol.

The opening acts include Rufus Wainwright, Joey Romero, Tammi Terrell, Chris Leppert, and more.

Here are some of my favorite performances from the first half.

 June 6: Rufuses Wainwrights – “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “My Own Summer” (featuring Rufuss Wainwrt)  This song was written for Rufi, who’s a lifelong Georgetown resident, and it’s a classic.

But the song also features one of my personal favorites from the songbook, a cover of The Doors “Let’s Make A Deal” from 1966.

The performance is performed by the band Rufy Wainwyler.

June 14: Joey Simpson & The Spiders – “The Girl” (with Tammis Terrell) Joey Simpson, the lead singer of the band The Spider Sisters, is back at the Capitol this year.

He’s also a Georgetown student, and his performance is on the back of a $50,000 donation to the Georgetown Art Museum.

It’s an amazing, heartfelt performance.

July 1: Joe Ruf, Tom Waits, Tom Petty, and The Temptations – “Don’t Let Me Down” (co-written by Tom Waites) It’s not often a songwriter with such a strong track record comes to the Capitol, but Tom Waite has.

In addition to being the co-author of such classics as “I’ll Be There” and, of course, “You’re the Best Thing Since Pearl Jam,” he’s also worked with such great artists as The Black Keys, Tove Lo, and Lady Gaga.

I’m excited to see the full set this year, and I’m looking forward to the next performance.

This one features Tom Waitt and Joe Ruff.

July 4: The Tubes – “My Love” (solo) This song is a song that I was always trying to write, and now I finally got to try it live.

I wrote it for the band Tubes, and the idea of it came from the fact that we have a friend of mine, Matt Lauer, who is an actor and writer.

When he heard I had an idea for a song, he asked me if I would write it.

It was really a tribute to him and to the fact we have so many friends, so I thought it was going to be really fitting to perform it live with him.

July 8: The B-52s – “It’s About Time” (live) I’m so glad we got to put on the first live version of “It Is About Time,” which I wrote and produced, and that I’ve recorded in my apartment.

The band The B52s is one of the most well-known acts in the country, and we always thought it would be a good time to do this concert.

The setlist features performances from The Black Eyed Peas, Elton John, The Raconteurs, and a handful of other acts.

August 6: The Roots – “Sweet Child of Mine” (Live) My favorite song of the year is “Sweet Little Sixteen.”

It’s a really good song about love and being in love.

I thought this was a perfect way to get it out there.

September 3: Joe Williams, The Testers – “Love in the Time of Cholera” (as “Sweet Lady”) The second song on this set is Joe Williams’ “Love In The Time of CHOLERA.”

It was written about his mother, who died of an infection after contracting the virus in Haiti.

October 5: Tom Waitz, Jimmy Buffett, Tom Cruise, Patti Smith, and Paul Simon – “Cabaret” (Solo)