Why is the IPIC no longer working with the Irish Independent on their ‘solution’ to the Irish broadband crisis

The IPIC has called for a rethink on the way the country is delivering internet access to its citizens and businesses, with the organisation now calling for a new set of policies for the internet.

A statement from the IPF said the organisation was “very disappointed” with the decision by the Irish Government to “continue to fail to provide adequate and timely access to the internet for all citizens”.

The IPF also said the government’s approach to internet regulation had failed to reflect the needs of Irish citizens, businesses and communities.

In a statement, the IPI said the IPO was in favour of a range of internet services, including a digital divide, a ‘digital divide free’ and a digital rights-based approach.

The IPIC called for greater focus on the needs and concerns of the communities most impacted by the internet, including those in rural areas, in order to ensure there was “no duplication of services, no slowdowns or outages, no blocking or throttling, no overage fees, no discriminatory pricing or restrictions and no unfair, unenforceable or unworkable contracts”.

The Irish Independent understands that the IPIP was formed after the IPP (Independent Payment Advisory Committee) was criticised for failing to consult the public about its proposals.