Which Cineplex Entertainment Media Companies Are Leading the Fight Against the New ‘Dynasty’ Cinema?

Cinepolis Entertainment, the parent company of Cinemax, has issued a press release announcing that it has taken legal action against the new “Dynasty” franchise and will seek to permanently block it from its platforms.

The news comes in the wake of the release of an online petition signed by more than 100,000 people calling for CinePolis to halt distribution of the new series, which has been airing in theaters for two weeks.

“The new ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ franchise is in danger of being banned from CinePlex Entertainment’s platforms and will no longer be allowed to promote its content,” reads the press release.

“We will not allow this to happen.

We will fight for the rights of our fans to enjoy the original ‘Dues, Dukes of hazzard.'”

Cinemax Entertainment also said that it would work with the New York Film Critics Circle and the Association of Independent Film and Television Producers (AIFPT) to stop distribution of “Dues [Dukes] of hazards,” adding that the company has already reached out to several studios, including Fox, AMC and Warner Bros. The AIFPT and the guilds’ respective unions have previously filed lawsuits against Cinepodolis in an attempt to prevent the release.

The Cinexpolis press release comes less than a week after a similar petition was created on to stop CinePodolis from distributing “Dukes” films.

“Cinemax Entertainment is a large and important film company, with a vast portfolio of movies in various genres,” the petition reads.

“These films include the critically acclaimed ‘Fences,’ the beloved ‘Hoop Dreams,’ the highly acclaimed ‘The Crown,’ and the most recent ‘Dudes.’

The petition, which was created just over a week ago, was signed by the AIFpt and other unions. “

Our petition is not a petition for the removal of any of the films, but a call for the right to enjoy these films in theaters and across the internet without being forced to choose between their distribution and their distribution of films that have nothing to do with cinema or the film industry.”

The petition, which was created just over a week ago, was signed by the AIFpt and other unions.

In addition to the petition, Cinemax has also launched a website to inform fans about the “Dudson’s Curse” franchise.

The site is titled “How to Get ‘Duds’ in Your Movies.”

In the statement, Cinemak said that the petition was not directed at Cinepadolis or the studio it owns, but at the franchise and its owners.

“This petition is directed at the CinePadolis brand and its film ‘Dudsy Dukes’ franchise.

We respect the rights and interests of our film distributors, but the franchise is an entertainment brand and we need to be able to deliver content that our customers are happy with,” Cinemax said.

“It’s disappointing that our fans would not understand the true intent behind our efforts to block this franchise.

That’s why we’ve made this petition and continue to do so.

We have reached out multiple studios to learn more about our efforts and have spoken with our distributors to share our concerns.

We are committed to working with all of our partners to ensure that this franchise can continue to thrive and to protect the rights that our audience has invested in.”

The “Duds” franchise is based on the 1980s television series of the same name, which aired on CBS for one season and starred Bill Murray, Mandy Patinkin, Jason Bateman, Michael Pitt and Michael Shannon.

“Dudes” is the fifth film in the series, and is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.

The franchise, which includes a movie, a television series and a live-action TV series, has been the subject of several legal battles, including a $50 million lawsuit filed in the state of New York in December 2015.

In January, the film rights for “Duders” were sold to the Walt Disney Co., and in July, Disney released “Dude,” in theaters nationwide.

“Fences” is currently available on Netflix and Amazon Video.

“Hoop Dudes” was released on October 4, 2019, and was directed by director Josh Trank.