There are plenty of celebrities who have babies this year, and there are plenty who won’t, too.

So here are the stars who will get their baby showers, and what you need to know.


Katy Perry  The pop star who is a two-time Grammy nominee and a 2016 Person of the Year, Perry will have her baby shower in November, which is not too far away from her 41st birthday.

“I’m so excited for my friends and family,” Perry said in a statement.

“To celebrate the birth of my baby boy, I’ve been giving birth to a baby boy named Max.

I’m thankful for all of the love and support from everyone, and I can’t wait to share Max with my family.

I will be doing this for all my friends, and my entire family, during this amazing time.”


Ellie Goulding  Goulding’s family has announced that her pregnancy will be her first, meaning that she will be the first woman to have two babies at the same time.

“Ellie’s first baby is expected to be born in November,” her brother Dave Goulding wrote on Instagram.

“This is the first baby she has ever had.”


Emma Watson  Watson’s husband, Tom, said that he would be in New York to meet her mother, Emma Watson, at the baby shower.

“Emma is very excited for the baby’s arrival and is also looking forward to seeing her baby sister,” Tom Watson said in an Instagram post.

“The family will be together and celebrating with all of you, so if you can’t make it to the baby showers at this time, don’t worry!

It will be a fun and festive time.

I look forward to being with you.”


Christina Aguilera The singer and actress has announced she will have two more babies, but the first is due in May, so there’s still plenty of time for her to be with her friends and fans.


Ariana Grande Grande is already pregnant, but she’s also in the midst of a maternity leave.

“Ariana will be getting her first baby in December,” Grande’s publicist said in September.

“She is in the process of going through her maternity leave with her boyfriend and will be in NYC to meet the baby and his mother at the moment.

The couple is also going to celebrate the arrival of their second baby, their first baby since their first.”


Miley Cyrus Cyrus is currently pregnant, and she’s in the middle of a six-month maternity leave, which means she’s not around the world, so the only baby she can have is her daughter, Olivia.


Ellie Kemper The pop singer, whose real name is Emily Mott, announced she would be having her second baby in October.

“We are blessed to be pregnant and to be the parents of our baby daughter, Emily,” Kemper said in October in a Instagram post, adding that her husband, John Emmert, would be the father.


Taylor Swift The rapper, whose full name is Taylor William Swift, is currently in the hospital recovering from a miscarriage.

She has said she wants her second child by June.

“Taylor will be having a second baby this summer and will soon announce the birth to the world,” she said in December.

“So much has been going on in her life and I know that she has the best intentions in terms of having a healthy baby and to celebrate this milestone with everyone.”


Katy B, Adele Adele is expecting her first child in March.

“Adele and I have been blessed to have a beautiful and amazing baby boy,” her publicist wrote on Facebook.

“It has been an amazing experience and it has been a life changing experience for Adele, her family and our fans.

We can’t thank you enough for your love, support and prayers.

Thank you.”


Rihanna Rihanna and husband Jay Z have announced they’re expecting their first child.

“Rihanna and Jay have announced that they are expecting their second child on February 12, 2019.

The announcement comes on the heels of the release of their first album, The Search, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in the U.S. and No. 3 internationally,” their publicist, Lauren Sivan, wrote on their Instagram.