The newest video game consoles, which are often sold for as much as $2,500, have been hailed by some as the best console of the year.

But a lot of people are still hesitant to buy them.

Here’s what you need to know about the new consoles and how they stack up against each other.1.

New consoles are the best way to play most VR games, according to a new survey.

According to The Associated Press, 76% of people who own a VR game console say they prefer to play on the big screen over sitting down.

This includes 68% of those who own the PlayStation 4 and 59% of Xbox One.

These two consoles are also the top-selling consoles of the holiday season.2.

Even if you’re not an avid gamer, you can still have an awesome time on the new console.

According the study, 78% of the people who use a VR headset in 2017 say they would recommend buying the console for its quality.

This is up from 68% in 2016.

The VR-specific entertainment entertainment industry is booming, and the gaming console industry is not.

According a 2017 study by Nielsen, virtual reality gaming is now bigger than traditional gaming.3.

Most VR games require a controller or gamepad, and you can’t use a mouse or keyboard with most of them.

You can, however, use your smartphone or tablet to play some VR games.

Here are the top apps that work with VR headsets.4.

Some of the best VR experiences on the console include:Star Trek: Bridge Crew 2Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Star Trek: Ace Combat 7Star Trek OnlineStar Trek Wars: BattlefrontStar Trek DestinyStar Trek Deep Space NineStar Trek BeyondStar Trek DiscoveryStar Trek VoyagerStar Trek EnterpriseStar Trek NemesisThe next-best VR game on the PS4 is Star Trek Battlefront, which is available for $49.99.

The next-worst game on PS4, Star Trek Destiny, is available only for $39.99 (for Xbox One, PS4 and PC).5.

You won’t be able to play your favorite VR game at home with the new PS4.

According with the AP, 85% of VR-players would prefer to have a VR-only home theater setup.

That includes 82% of Sony gamers, 84% of Microsoft gamers, 83% of Apple gamers, and 84%, Microsoft gamers.6.

VR-related apps are also growing faster than the average apps for VR devices.

According Nielsen, VR-apps were valued at $6.6 billion in 2017, up from $5.9 billion in 2016, and $5 billion in 2015.7.

PS4 owners who spend more money are more likely to buy games on PSVR.

This was the case in 2016 with a whopping 88% of PlayStation 4 owners spending more money on their PSVR purchases, according with the report.

The 2016 report found that 88% spend more on their PlayStation VR than other VR devices, with 90% spending more than $1,000 on their device.8.

PSVR games will likely cost more to develop, but the consoles are a great place to start.

The AP reported that 75% of developers who worked on VR games for PlayStation VR reported they were “very excited” to be working on a VR title for PSVR, up 10% from 2016.9.

A lot of VR games were developed on PS2 and PS1, and many of them are now on PS3.

According The AP, 77% of PSVR-related games were on PlayStation 2 and 81% were on PS1.10.

VR games are going to be expensive for many, but this year, it’s going to feel cheap for a lot.

According for 2017, the cost of a PlayStation VR game ranged from $60 to $120, with prices ranging from $80 to $180.11.

PS VR is getting a lot more affordable, and developers are getting a fair amount of funding for VR games in 2017.

The PlayStation VR is still the cheapest VR headset on the market, with an average price of $99.95.

The PS4 Pro was the most expensive VR headset, costing $549.99 in 2017 (with an estimated price of around $8,000).12.

If you buy a PS VR, you’ll also need a PS4 to play it.

The PC version of the console is a great way to jump-start your VR-gaming adventure.

According Pew Research, there are around 20 million PSVR gamers worldwide.

You’ll need a PC to play VR games on the PlayStation VR, and there are some good PC-specific VR apps to help get you started.13.

PS Vita owners have had a hard time finding VR-compatible games since Sony pulled the plug on the system in 2016 and launched a cheaper, PlayStation VR-exclusive handheld.

The new console is still a great option for