Enlarge/ FourFourSeconds ago, the French referee had to take a hand to the back of referee Jean-Michel Oudemans’ head after the striker of the French national team failed to show any remorse.

The incident was captured on video and posted on Twitter by the Football Association of France, a body that governs the game.

The referee was forced to go to the dressing room for treatment but the incident continued.

The FAF tweeted: The referee of the FFF France is in hospital, his condition is stable.

He is in stable condition.

A representative for the FAF later told French radio station BFMTV that the referee was injured in the incident and was being treated at a hospital.

The incident has raised concerns about the integrity of French refereeing, particularly when it comes to tackling and concussions.

French football is a world-renowned game with some of the most sophisticated medical facilities in the world and it is a serious offence to have a referee who is not up to scratch when it came to refereeing the game in France.

France’s football governing body, the Football Federation International (FFI), has said that it is looking into the incident.

The French referee, Jean-Pierre Bouchard, is in a stable condition in hospital and has not been suspended for a disciplinary action, the FAI said in a statement.

French media reported that Bouchards injuries included a fractured collarbone, a punctured lung and a puncture wound on his ear.