Disney theme park in Florida to offer carnival rides to families, but prices will be higher than Disneyland

Disney World will open its new park in Daytona Beach on Friday, offering rides at a higher price point than Disneyland Resort.

The attraction, the first of a number of new attractions in Florida, is part of a wave of Disney theme parks in the Sunshine State, including the Magic Kingdom and SeaWorld, which is slated to open in the coming weeks.

In addition to carnival attractions, Disney also plans to have rides for families on a limited basis.

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, in December.

The rides are not set to be available for a limited time, however.

They are scheduled to be offered for the next four months, with the first ride scheduled to open at the end of July.

The rides will not include rides for kids.

Walt Disney Imagineering President Jim Murrey told Florida Today that the park will be “the most affordable, most family friendly” Disney theme attraction in the state.

“The park is a family friendly attraction and it will not be the cheapest,” he said.

The Disney Imagineers’ first ride will feature “a unique attraction with a Disney theme, built in the heart of the Florida Everglades, featuring the worlds largest Everglade Butterfly Garden,” which was created to encourage the spread of the Everglide Butterfly.

It will open on July 16.

Other rides scheduled for the park include a carnival ride featuring “a spectacular ride, including a water slide and a riverboat, and a ride to visit the Great Depression Museum,” which will open in mid-July.

Other attractions planned include “a parade featuring a full orchestra and a large cast of actors,” and “a magical, magical ride that transforms into a water ride and back.”