In the United States, the popular CBC television show Artemis is a hit, and the CBC’s Canadian-language television channel The Gathering is also popular.

Both shows are hosted by Canadian artists.

The Gathering is made up of Canadian artists, musicians, comedians and performers.

Canadian artists like Chris Diamant, David J. Clark, and Davey Croft have toured extensively in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Canadian artists also create their own shows and festivals.

These festivals attract hundreds of thousands of fans who come to see the artists.

Canadian-based art museums, such as the Canadian Art Gallery of Canada, the National Gallery of Victoria and the Toronto Museum of Art, are also popular destinations for Canadians.

Artemis, the show that began airing in the U.S. in 2013, is being produced by the CBC and distributed by the United Artists Network.

The network is owned by United Artists.

Articles about the show are available at the CBC website.