The new Krushing entertainment programme has been created to attract the men in the audience, but is it working?

The latest Krushing episode, The Krushing Show, is titled ‘Dancing Master’, and is being released on YouTube on January 20.

The programme has three parts: The first half is an introduction to the performers and the characters they represent.

The second half of the programme introduces the audience to the characters and characters that the performers are playing in the background.

The final half of Krushing is a discussion with Krushing host and director of Krushed, James “Jimmy” Smith.

The first part of the show starts off with the introduction to Mr Smith.

He introduces himself and his band, and it’s a good introduction.

The actors that he has worked with are all good, they all have their own unique personality.

I think they’ve been really good at the job.

The rest of the introduction and the introduction is a little bit more tongue in cheek and a bit of a tease, and then they do an introduction of the cast.

The next few minutes of the opening are a bit more serious.

Jimmy says: This is my band.

We’re all here to entertain.

They’re doing Krushing.

I’ve got my band, I’ve just got to keep doing Krushes and keep singing.

The audience then gets a chance to hear the band.

It’s really a fun and enjoyable time.

They have a great, fun, exciting time.

The cast is great, Jimmy is fantastic, he does a great job with his singing and his performance.

He’s got a good, strong, solid performance, and I think that’s what Krushing’s all about, that’s where the show comes from.

The character of Krush is the main character in the Krushing show.

The performers are very different from the male characters in other Krushing productions.

Jimmy is a man, he’s not an exotic dancer.

He doesn’t have the body of a woman, and he doesn’t look like the man.

He has a good face and a great body, and you can see that in the opening of the Krush show.

He says: My name is Jimmy Smith.

I’m a Krush performer.

I perform Krush.

I love Krush, and all of the shows are Krush shows, and they are all about Krush performances.

The Krush performance is always a little more of a raunchy, but it’s not all bad.

Jimmy Smith is the host of Krushes, and his show is a Krushing entertainment programme.

Krushing stars the likes of the DJ T-shirt company, DJ L, and rapper N.I.E.S.S., but the main focus is on Krush performers.

Jimmy explains why: I’m very proud of my band of Krusha, the band that I’m here to work with, and what I’ve come to Krush with.

The music, the acting, the lighting and the lighting is very good.

It has a Krusha feel, it has a Klush feel.

The show is all about this Krush feeling.

Jimmy adds: I love working with Jimmy, he is a really talented performer, and we’ve got a really good, good, tight, tight crew.

Jimmy also praises the cast, saying: It’s a great team.

The team has been great.

They’ve had such good time, they’ve had some fun, they’re excited to come back to Krushing and be part of it again, and again.

Krush stars the best male dancers in the world, from DJ T to DJ L. Jimmy claims that his Krush crew is not necessarily the best Krush group, but that it’s one of the best.

Jimmy goes on to say that Krushing performers do Krush to the best of their ability, and that it all comes down to how well the Krushes are performing.

The last part of Krashing is a great Krush musical number, The Last Dance, which features the Krushed dancers in a musical number.

The theme is very Krushy, it’s very Krushed and it is very funny.

Jimmy tells the audience that the Krusha performers are the ones that make Krush work.

It is Krush’s story that has always been told, and Krush has always had a great story, and now that the story is being told, Krush can’t keep going on with it the same way.

Jimmy has said that he wants Krush viewers to be able to relate to the Krusher story, because it’s the Krushers story.

This is a very good way to help Krush audiences understand Krush and Krusha.

Jimmy concludes by saying that Krush was always about Krushing, and there is no way Krush will ever go away.

He is an incredible storyteller, and Jimmy Smith has delivered an amazing, fun Krush programme that will make Krushing fans feel like they’re