Enthusiasts are being warned that AltoniBuses could take over Britain’s entertainment industry by 2027.

The firm, which will be founded in 2020 and operate from its new London headquarters, has already secured commitments from major entertainment brands including Warner Bros, AMC, Sony and Nickelodeon.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Altonibuses chief executive Paul Balsillie said that the ride-sharing company has already made commitments from companies such as AMC, Fox and Nickelo, as well as film studio Lionsgate.

“In the next 10 years, Altons will transform the UK’s entertainment sector,” he wrote.

“We have the capacity to deliver more entertainment to more people than any other ride-share firm.

The future of British entertainment is bright.”

The company has also announced plans to open new franchises in the United States and Asia, and has set itself up as a rival to Uber in the US, while in Europe, AlmansiBusse will operate in Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

Balsillies comments come after it emerged that Altons first vehicle, the Altona, was launched in 2016.

The vehicle was introduced in the UK with a price tag of £3,995, which is £150 cheaper than the UberX UberX was offering at the time.

Altonibus’ first car, the Eels, was introduced last year, priced at £4,000, while the company has yet to introduce a vehicle for the US market.

In addition, Alminas plans to launch a new high-end range of taxis, including the Almina and the Alonas.

Almins chief executive Peter Fagalde said that Alminos customers will have a better experience if they had an UberEATS card, which would allow them to pay for fares in cash and then tap into the app to collect money.

“The card would be a new and very useful addition to the customer experience, not just for the journey itself, but also for our ability to deliver the service in an efficient manner,” he said.