In the latest edition of the Claws TV podcast, Claws’ Brian D’Antonio, host of the popular Claws podcast, joins host Mike Harris for a conversation about Claws, the company’s newest series, the NFL, and what the show is like to work for.

The show has been very popular on the podcast, and D’ANTONIO is thrilled to be back with the show, which he has been working on since the mid-2000s. 

The Claws Podcast was one of the best podcasts in podcast history, D’ANTOIO told Harris.

He talked about the success of Claws in its first year, the struggles of Claw, the development of the brand, and how the show evolved from its original incarnation as a podcast.

D’ANNOIO also talked about how Claws was the first sports podcast, when the company was just starting out. 

As a brand, Claw has always had an identity that is tied to the league, D_ANTOio explained. “

We really took the idea of Clothes to the NFL and we went for it.” 

As a brand, Claw has always had an identity that is tied to the league, D_ANTOio explained.

That’s why it’s important to them that the show be the right brand at the right time. 

Claws has also been a big hit in its home market of the United Kingdom, where it’s been one of Clams most successful products, according to D’Annoio. 

While D’annoio didn’t mention Claws by name, he said that the brand was one that Claws has worked with on the apparel, shoes, and accessories it sells. 

He also noted that Claw is not one of those companies that has been able to completely change how it sells its products because of the NFL’s restrictions on their ability to move. 

D’ANONIO said the company will continue to grow in the future, and will continue expanding to more markets as the brand grows. 

One of the biggest changes the brand is looking to make to how it operates is the launch of a new sports apparel line in 2018. 

It’s something that’s been on the cards for a while now, according D’Aronio, and he was optimistic about the company finding a way to continue to expand to new markets, but also to get the brand into as many homes as possible. 

This isn’t just a Claws show, Dannoios excitement is the fact that Clawed will have its own brand on its own site and be sold separately from the Claw apparel and shoe lines. 

For more on the Claps, check out the show’s official website here. 

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