By business reporter Kate Cawthorne Higgsburg has been a long-standing part of the entertainment landscape, so it was a shock to see the company’s iconic brand suddenly disappear.

However, the company has kept up the momentum since then, releasing a new version of its popular Hattie series in February. 

The Hattiest Show is a one-hour comedy about the life and times of a teenage girl who works in a hotel with her family. 

It stars Julie Farragut as a teenager who gets hired to work at a bar, only to discover she’s actually working as a hotel maid and has a crush on her boss.

 She is then told that her boss is actually her dad, who is an entertainer, and that he’s planning to have her as a maid at his show.

Julie’s dad has a special talent for making people laugh, which is why she’s recruited to perform at the bar.

While the plot of the show is pretty standard fare for an entertainment series, the performances of the cast have some serious twists, including a series of performances by a teenage character called the Hattypod, who performs on stage in her underwear.

Julie and her dad are also joined by a young girl called The Queen, played by Toni Collette, who makes a guest appearance as her mother.

“HattiesBURY” is a parody of the classic sitcom, The Hatter.

It stars Julie Farraggs, Sam Waterston, John C. Reilly, Sarah Chalke, Jodie Sweetin, Tim Meadows and more.