Fire a cat, it’s a good idea.

But first, you need to burn some money.

The owner of an animal shelter in Michigan was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison for the attempted arson of a cat that died at his facility, the Detroit News reported.

According to the newspaper, the cat, named Burning Man, was brought in to the shelter on June 17.

The cat was found in a crate and found with several broken ribs.

Burning Man’s owner, Matthew S. Clark, was arrested June 22 after authorities say he attempted to set a fire in his home, the News reported, citing a search warrant affidavit.

Clark was charged with three counts of felony arson, and his attorney told the newspaper that Clark is not currently serving time.

The cats in question were brought in by the shelter and were euthanized, the newspaper reported.

The animal shelter has since put out the cats.