When a man finds himself with the power to kill someone he knows and love, he should take a moment to understand that he is killing someone.

That someone is his wife.

It is a horrible thing to do.

A man should be able to take his wife, his children, and their loved ones with him, as he should be free to do in any situation.

However, a woman can be killed by a man who does not know her.

She is not his equal.

She cannot be his equal in power, but she is his equal victim.

The man who kills his wife should be willing to do it so long as he is able to control the means to accomplish the goal.

If the man is not capable of doing this, he is not a good man.

If he is capable, he can’t be a good husband.

A husband who kills a wife is in the wrong.

He has violated the sacred covenant that he made with his wife: “Thou shalt not murder” (Leviticus 19:22).

If a man is willing to kill his wife without a legitimate reason, then he is in violation of his covenant with God.

If a woman is killed by her husband, then that husband is also guilty of violating God’s covenant.

A person who is a murderer should not be rewarded.

It would be unfair to punish the murderer for his own murder.

Instead, God rewards those who do the right thing.

The only thing a person can do is to stop committing the murder and repent.

If we are willing to repent, God will forgive us.

But a man can’t repent for his murder.

The reason is simple: the murderer is the one who does the killing.

A murderer can kill his victims without remorse.

He is the man who did the murder.

If God has forgiven a man for his crimes against his wife or children, then God has also forgiven the murderer.

If that man is repentant, God has given him the gift of eternal life.

If you are guilty of a crime against your wife, children, or loved ones, God can forgive you.

If your wife or your children are in your home, you will have to face the wrath of God.

The wrath of the Lord is greater than the wrath against the thief, the murderer, or the adulterer.

God does not forgive sins committed by the righteous, but He will forgive sins of the wicked.

(2 Peter 3:16-18) But a murderer cannot repent.

A rapist cannot repent, either.

If I have raped someone, I must repent.

But God does forgive the sins of rapists.

If one of God’s children commits a sin, he will face the consequences of his actions.

The Lord does not want the sins and sins of his children to go unpunished.

If any of your children commits an act of adultery, God is going to punish them for it.

The law is against the parents and the father is the worst offender.

If someone is guilty of adultery with a married woman, God forgives them.

If my children commit an act that is not of God, they will be brought before the Lord and the Lord will send his wrath on them.

God will punish them because they are the ones who did something that is against God.

God has no respect for the sin of an adulterer or the sin committed by a married man.

But if you do something that hurts someone, God takes care of the person.

God takes a lot of care of someone, even if it is a violent act.

God cares about you and loves you.

God is willing for you to suffer.

But that does not mean you are to tolerate your spouse’s acts.

It does not take the same amount of love to forgive the act of a murderer as it does to forgive a murderer for the murder of his wife and children.

(Romans 6:1-3) But what if the husband and wife can’t do it?

If God forgets the murder or the crime of the murderer and forgives the sin, but the husband or wife can not forgive the crime and the wife is not free to be free, then the husband is committing adultery.

And the husband who commits adultery is guilty.

(Genesis 18:12-17) But the husband can be forgiven.

He can repent.

He will not be punished for the sins committed.

The woman can live a good life.

God loves her.

God’s love for her is greater.

God forgave her sin.

But her sin is still in her.

The punishment for her sin has already been taken from her.

That is why God cannot forgive her.

(Galatians 5:1,3) In the end, God says, “I have loved you, O woman, and you will live, but I will not live.”

(Rom 10:28) If God loves his wife like a child, then she is not to suffer for the husband’s murder, even though she cannot forgive the murderer