How the NFL’s ratings might be different after the Super Bowl this year

The Super Bowl has been a ratings boon for the NFL, which has gone from being one of the most expensive sports leagues to one of its lowest-rated.

But it’s also become a more complex business.

How much can the NFL keep the numbers up?

The league is still trying to figure that out.

Here’s a look at how the ratings might change this year.

How did the NFL ratings last year compare to this year?

How many viewers were watching?

How much is the average audience?

How did viewership change over time?

How does the ratings compare to the viewership of other sports?

How big is the audience?

The NFL’s average audience is about 3.3 million viewers, which is the lowest in the league.

But that’s expected to grow, because the NFL has more than 40 million subscribers.

The average audience of all 30 teams averaged about 2.1 million viewers last year.

Here are some numbers that might help explain the discrepancy.

NFL average audience for all 30 NFL teams in 2017.

(ESPN) Total audience for the league’s 29 games in 2017: 8.1 billion.

Total audience of teams with 10 or more games: 11.5 billion.

Average audience of every NFL team: 1.9 million.

The league averaged 7.5 million viewers on Thursday nights last year, which was the second-lowest audience of the year.

That’s the second lowest of the past three years, according to Sports Illustrated.

The lowest audience of any league is the NFL Network, which averaged 3.6 million viewers in 2017, according the Associated Press.

It was the lowest average audience in seven years, when the league averaged 6.5 millions.

The network also averaged more than a million viewers across its five Sunday nights last season.

(It averaged 1.3 billion viewers on the network on those nights last fall.)

The ratings of the NFL on Thursday night: The average viewership of NFL games: 7.7 million.

Average of all teams with at least 10 games: 9.6.

Average attendance of each team: 3.7.

Average home game attendance of the season: 8,812.

Average viewership of the home opener of each season: 1,732,000.

Average average audience per game: 1 million.