Why do we keep hearing about the next generation of entertainers?

In the run up to the coronavirus pandemic, entertainment industry giants like Paramount and Sony are already making headlines with the unveiling of new TV shows.

However, entertainment moguls are also looking ahead to the next wave of entertainment.

The industry is looking at the next entertainment wave.

What will it be?

Will we have a new generation of artists who will make us laugh?

Will they continue to entertain us?

Will we continue to watch them perform on the big screen?

Will they continue the trend of putting new films in theaters every year?

Will there be a new trend?

Will the next era of entertainment be different from the last?

Will it be a golden age for the industry?

Or will it remain a very sad time?

I would like to answer these questions by speaking to three of the stars of the next big entertainment wave: Seth MacFarlane, Will Ferrell and Will Smith.

They have been interviewed before by The New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter, and are currently at the helm of their own movie and TV projects.

They will be interviewed again in this article.1.

Seth Macfarlane and Will Ferrel Seth Macfarren/AP2.

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SethLifetimeFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Will Ferrer / Warner Bros.

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SethHugh JackmanThe Biggest LoserBond/Getty27.

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