Carnival entertainment, a multi-media company that produces video, music and theatrical content, announced Friday that it had completed a $20 million deal to distribute its digital content to Disney.

The company has also acquired several other new digital properties, including a live-action television series, which it says will premiere on the Disney Channel this year.

The deal was announced as Disney prepares to launch its digital properties for the first time.

Disney is also working on a live action television series.

The network is also developing a movie, but no title yet.

“As our guests and the fans continue to discover and enjoy our stories, we are excited to bring our rich history of storytelling to life with this new partnership,” said Michael Eisner, Disney chairman and chief executive officer.

The Disney Channel is a digital streaming service that is available across Apple devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Xbox consoles.

The channel will be available exclusively to Apple Watch owners on November 10, the company said in a blog post.

In January, the channel’s creators unveiled a live television series about a carnival-themed amusement park, featuring actors who had appeared on the original Disneyland ride.

In June, Disney acquired The Walt Disney Co. for $4.4 billion.