When you’re not doing the Las Vegas entertainment, you’re still doing the world a favor.

The world is watching.

A global audience of over 70 billion people is watching and eagerly waiting for news and analysis from the world’s top entertainers.

It’s a rare treat for a sports reporter who has spent the last year on the road, covering the NBA and NFL, as well as other events.

In a world that seems more than ready for another sports season, the media can only hope that fans, sports stars, and other performers from across the globe will follow the lead of the world famous entertainers who make their living in front of a camera.

“You are in this for the long haul,” said John Heffernan, a reporter for Sports Illustrated who covers professional athletes.

“If you want to get in, get out, be a good sport, be great, it’s going to be very hard to stay out of the news.”

The world’s leading entertainers can be a valuable resource for a reporter who is covering them.

They may have been around for years, but the people who make them famous are usually still making their living.

But that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten, and that’s what a few of the most famous entertainer in the world have done over the years.

Among the most iconic figures in American pop culture over the last 50 years, the sports media is often a little confused about the role of entertainers when covering them, according to a new report.

The media’s obsession with stars and their careers is only getting more pronounced, the report found.

“What you’re really seeing is a very high concentration of the attention that is being paid to celebrities and their celebrity-centric lifestyle,” said Jeff Staple, a journalism professor at Florida State University.

“This is really a new phenomenon.

We haven’t had it before, in terms of celebrities who are a major part of their own careers and the people that support them.”

That has the media trying to figure out how to cover those who are also stars and are paying for the coverage, Staple said.

The biggest stars in the sports world, from NBA players LeBron James and Kobe Bryant to NFL star Cam Newton and soccer star Landon Donovan, often earn billions of dollars a year.

But many entertainers also make their money from their own personal brands.

Celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel, who is also a former star of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, also make a living from his own personal brand.

But the spotlight is only one part of what is happening in the entertainment world.

The entertainment world is also changing rapidly.

With the advent of social media and the ubiquity of smartphone cameras, it is now possible to record virtually any event or situation that happens in front and behind a camera, including what entertainers are doing, said Hefferen.

“When you’re a professional athlete and you are not doing any of the other things that make you famous, the fans don’t care, but if you’re doing something that’s just a hobby or a hobby-like thing, that is just a small part of your life, they will notice,” Hefferman said.

“I’ve seen that happen, for instance, in the past few years with celebrities.

It is a new way to have a celebrity’s life that is very much a part of his own life.”

And with that comes the pressure of the spotlight, which is growing as entertainment’s stars age.

“The pressure is on.

There’s a lot of pressure.

They’ve got to do this for their fans.

There is no way out of it.

It comes with a high price tag,” Heefernan said.

He said it is difficult to separate the people making a living off their celebrity career from the people paying attention to them.

“They are the stars.

You have to follow their footsteps and be part of that,” He said.

This is where celebrity news comes in.

In many ways, the entertainment industry is an extension of sports.

Many of the biggest stars are athletes, and it’s rare for a journalist to cover them on the ground.

The NBA, for example, is the only professional league that doesn.

And sports have a history of covering athletes, from Muhammad Ali to Michael Jordan, said John M. Oates, a sports journalism professor and former Sports Illustrated writer.

But there are still a lot more than the stars and sports stars in sports.

The sports media has been dealing with a new era of social and technological change that has also changed the way they cover the business of entertainer careers.

A large part of the change is the way in which technology is making it possible to do more in less time.

With cameras and social media, the world is becoming a little more connected.

This means that the work that is done in front-of-camera is becoming much more valuable to a reporter than the work done in the field, which can be much harder to work from home