Walmart’s AR app lets you play video games, even if you’re not an Apple fan

Walmart announced Tuesday it will be integrating augmented reality entertainment features into its app store, including video games.

The announcement comes as a number of retailers are rolling out AR apps, which can be accessed through a virtual reality headset.

Walmart will be the first major retailer to integrate AR features into the Apple TV app.

It is also the first company to offer a free app for its app.AR entertainment features include voice control, animated GIFs, and real-time audio and video.

In the case of Apple TV, you can access the feature by using the “Home” button on the remote control.

You can also access this feature through the “Add To Cart” button at checkout.

The Apple TV experience includes a “Movie Library” section, and you can also create your own custom movies.

You’ll find a “Play” button that lets you pause the current movie.

You won’t be able to skip to the next or previous movie.