How to use a selfie stick to get through an airport security line

We’re used to being told to “take your camera, your phone and your tablet out” at the airport, but not everyone can do that.

So, what if you’re going to a major airport and you don’t have your phone?

How to use an iPhone and an iPad to take selfies while traveling with the TSA?

If you’re travelling with a partner, you can take photos with them too.

There’s even a nifty app to make the experience easier.

The TSA can use your selfie stick and your phone together.

How does it work?

The TSA’s mobile app will scan your face and scan the images on your smartphone or tablet, allowing the agency to find the exact selfie you took.

It’s not the first time the TSA has taken the selfie stick out of the bag.

In 2014, the agency took out the selfie camera from its luggage.

It wasn’t the first, but it was one of the first major airport airport security lines that took place with an iPhone, iPad and phone in the same bag.