The last night of Eustons last week is a chance to relax in the sunshine and enjoy the good times.

Euston will be hosting the biggest show of the year at the Grand Hotel and Bar on Saturday, March 18, from 10pm-2am and Sunday, March 19, from 1am-4am.

Tickets are on sale from now.

It is a great opportunity to relax with friends or family and also get to meet some of the people who are helping make Eustones biggest show a success.

Eustons biggest show is the grand opening of the Grand Bar, which will host the biggest event of the day, a performance from a new electronic duo, Bikini Kill.

The event will also be the last time that Eustonson will host a night in the city before the Grand hotel is redeveloped.

On Sunday, the venue is hosting the last show of its current incarnation, The Eustonic Concert, featuring a number of DJs and producers including DJ Shadow, DJ Shadow & The Floozies, Jadakiss, DJ Drama, Dr. Dre, and The Neptunes.

Dance music will also feature at EustON as the club is hosting a series of performances on Sunday, including the new series of ‘Eustonia Dance Party’, a DJ set by Bikini, which starts at 9pm.

The festival will also have a large number of concerts throughout the weekend, with music by artists like Jaden Smith, The Weeknd, and more, and you can check out our Eustonian festival schedule to find out where the events are happening.

This year’s festival will run from Friday to Sunday, with the final night being the grand finale.