How a cat’s funny voice inspired an entire comedy troupe

A group of comedians in the US, Canada, and Europe have created a brand new entertainment company that will feature the voices of cats, and will focus on cat-related topics.

The comedy troupes’ new venture will be called Cats Live, and it will be based in New York City.

It will feature an eclectic cast of cat characters who will also feature on the company’s web and mobile apps.

“The idea of a comedy show with a cat in it is something I’ve always wanted to do, and now it’s finally happening,” the group’s co-founder, comedian/director Mike Naughton, told CBC News.

The team will bring together performers from the US and Canada, with several other countries in the region, including Australia and Germany.

“It’s about having a good laugh and not taking ourselves too seriously,” Naughtons co-director, Alex Mardis, told the CBC.

Mardis said the comedians will be trying to capture the “human-like” quality of cats.

“We want to make sure the cats are not just the characters on the show, but also the actual cats,” he said.

Naughton said that while he and Naughts co-founders have a lot of experience with cats, they wanted to make the show a little different than the typical cat comedy.

“I think that cat-focused comedy has always been kind of the niche of comedy, but now it is being more accepted and people are discovering it,” he explained.

The cats are meant to be funny.

They’re meant to show the human-like quality of cat voices, he said, and to make a “human connection with cats.”

The show will be available to watch online and in the company of a professional cat actor, who will “play a cat” and act out the cat’s lines.

The cast will include actors who have performed with animals including the panda, a golden retriever, a lioness, a wolf, and a black cat.

Misfits in a Box, an Australian comedy troupy that was previously based in the UK, announced earlier this year that it was launching a new show called The Cats Live Comedy Club.

The new show will premiere on Facebook and Twitter, and feature a cat as the host.

“This is a new project for us, and the main focus is that the show will not just be a cat show,” Mardi told CBC.

“We’ll do more than just a cat comedy.”