Artemis Entertainment Corporation manufactures Artemis brand for global expansion

On a global stage, Artemis Entertainment Corp., which makes entertainment products for home and home entertainment, is launching a new brand of entertainment products in the entertainment and lifestyle space.

The new brand, Artemis entertainment, will be available on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Fire TV.

The company has also begun marketing its own entertainment products, including its own TV series and films.

The company plans to make about 100 million units of the new products a year, according to a person familiar with the matter.

It plans to invest in manufacturing a new line of TVs, Blu-ray players and video game consoles.

The new line will be sold through Amazon Prime video, Amazon Fire and Fire TV, according the person.

The investment in new entertainment products comes after the company’s entertainment and entertainment product sales have been struggling.

The group reported a net loss of $16.7 million in the third quarter, compared with a net profit of $1.3 million a year earlier, according data compiled by Thomson Reuters.

In the same period last year, its revenue fell by 6.3 percent to $18.4 billion.