AUSTRALIAN financial services company is opening up a new chapter in its history with the opening of a new theme park in the middle of a huge carnival.

Carnival Dream Entertainment is opening a new venue on the outskirts of Brisbane, just outside the city.

Its a big step forward for Carnival Dream, which was founded in 2016 to cater to the growing global entertainment and entertainment-related needs of IT professionals.

“We have the capacity for a massive theme park at this stage of the carnivals development and we’re hoping that it can be successful,” Mr Tom Ritchie, president and CEO of Carnival Dream Entertainment, said.

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Read moreThe opening of the new venue comes as many major technology companies including Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook have announced they are planning to open large-scale theme parks in the coming years.

The theme park is scheduled to open this year, with a date yet to be set.

Cary Park, which has been the world’s largest carnival park, has already hosted events like the Grand Prix, which is being held this year.

It has been reported that Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Google and Facebook are also exploring the concept of hosting theme parks.

“It’s a new way of thinking about where you want to go to a carnival, and how you want your guests to be entertained,” Mr Ritchie said.

The opening has also been a boon for Carnival’s main competitor, the CCTV, which also has a theme park on its premises.

Catering to an ever-growing audience, CCTVs theme park has expanded to include a new location in Brisbane.

The CCTv has hosted events such as the Grand Pignut, the Grand National, the World Cup and the Great Australian Festival.

Coral Sea Resort, the first of CCTvs new theme parks, opened in November.

It is located in the Sunshine Coast, on the banks of the Great Barrier Reef, with accommodation available for guests of up to 120 guests, including up to three children.

The resort has a large outdoor swimming pool with a water slide and is home to a pool table.

A total of 12,000 people use the resort each year, and is popular with tourists from all around the country.

Corra Beach Resort, located on the north-east coast of Queensland, opened its doors to guests in December.

Its located on Coronation Island and has accommodation available to up to 30 guests, with rooms priced from $1,700 per night to $2,000 per night.

The island is also home to the world-famous Coronair aircraft, and the resort is famous for its swimming pool.

Caldwell Beach Resort has been a destination for many years, and was the first resort in Queensland to host an indoor swimming pool, and for many decades its main attraction.

The main attraction at the beach resort is a huge pool that is popular for swimming and picnics, with hot springs, a water park and an indoor pool.

The Coronavirus has affected the resort and the beach, with the Coronava virus making a comeback in the summer months.

“The CoroSea Resort is a great attraction for families and kids,” Mr Dyson said.

“When we opened in 2008, we did not expect to have to change the way that we operate or the way we have always operated.

The CoroWave was our biggest investment in the resort.”

Mr Dyson also said that the resort was experiencing an upturn in demand for the CoroVest, which allows customers to stay in their own private villas.

“There has been an increase in demand in the Corocavia region of Queensland over the past few months,” he said.

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