As part of the annual Hunger in Calabria campaign, the Arab-Israeli Friendship Association (AIA) is holding its fourth annual Hungerfest, which has taken place every year since 2013.

The event is held in the historic old city of Calabrians and is aimed at encouraging participation in community-based food sharing.

The Hungerfest aims to help the community to share food from the local market, a project the Arab community has been working on since 2012.

The AIA and its partners have already received over 1.6 million euros from the government to support their efforts.

Since 2014, the AIA has worked with a number of charities and social enterprises to produce the food.

The community food initiative is managed by the AIPA and its partnership partners in collaboration with the local community and the community, and the participation of local businesses.

This year, the festival also aims to raise awareness about the food crisis in CalaBria.

As part of this initiative, the food is distributed through a local community group called the Calabrian Social Enterprise (CSE), which operates on the market.CSE has distributed over 500,000 bags of food to Calabranians since 2012, and this year they will also distribute a bag of food per child in the community.

In addition to the food, the community will also cook meals, sell products, and distribute gifts to families, said AIA Director of Food & Culture Taha Abdelhafani.

This is a step forward in our commitment to increase participation in the Calabrese economy, she said.

While the AIC is the official food distributor of the community in Calabres, the organization also offers free services such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking.

In order to encourage the local economy to continue growing, Abdelhaffani said they are looking to extend the Hungerfest beyond the local markets.

The main goal is to spread the message of the Hunger in the Arab Community, she added.AIPA director of food and culture Taha Abdulhafansaid: “We are aiming to encourage Calabreans to continue to participate in the local food system.

We want them to understand the importance of food for their health, well-being, and social justice.””

The Hunger in Caabria program is one of the most effective ways to improve the health of the local population,” said Abdelhuffan.”

The Calabreses are the main consumers of food in the country and the AIE’s program is an attempt to make them more aware of the importance and necessity of food as a part of their daily lives,” she added, saying the campaign will also help promote Calabrees’ role in the economy.

The project has already received the support of the Arab National Council, the Al-Nour Party, and Arab World.”AIA is committed to supporting the Calaberres community and they are our partners in this project,” Abdelhafer said.

“Our aim is to encourage participation and provide assistance in their daily life.”