By Katie Taylor – 12 December 2017 03:30:53As 2017 draws to a close, the world will be plunged into the dreaded ‘internet Hate’ for another year.

It’s already felt like it, with the new ‘Christmas’ season in many countries, and a lot of people who were on the fence about buying presents and Christmas cards in 2017 are still waiting.

But why is this?

Well, in the new world of the internet, we can get our shopping done without worrying about what other people think.

It makes us feel good, it’s fun and it feels nice to be a part of a group of people.

And as the year comes to a conclusion, people will be feeling even more connected to each other.

But what about the new Year?

And are we prepared to live in a world where people feel threatened by each other?

For some, this will be a new year, but for many, the New Year is the year of change and rebirth.

The year begins with a big celebration at home, with parties and family gatherings.

But what happens at home is not only about what you celebrate, but what you don’t.

This year, the new New Year will also include the first time a family of four will celebrate together, with no one in particular being invited to.

We’ve already seen a few changes to our celebrations this year.

People will no longer be required to wear hats, as some had hoped for, but instead will be able to choose what to wear.

People can now wear masks and other non-traditional decorations.

The New Year also marks the beginning of the holiday season in a big way, with a plethora of festive events happening all over the country.

This is also a year where the internet can really go crazy, with websites offering everything from free concerts to live music.

But it’s not just online services that are becoming more popular, people are using social media to connect with friends, family and neighbours.

So, while the internet is definitely a new thing, 2017 is also the year we’ll start to realise that we are not alone.

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